Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is It Pretty? It's Pretty

Artist: Bubba Fowler

Album: ...and Then Came Bubba

Song: "Louise (My Cajun Woman)"

Your resume couldn't have been more impeccable: the acerbic talking political blues; a recording contract with Columbia records and production by Bob Johnston; a credited spot on Bob Dylan's underrated Self Portrait album. Bubba Fowler, you could have been the new Dylan. Hell, even your initials are almost the same. Only one problem. Any new Dylan's best song mustn't be an instrumental, even when the bayou romp is so funky that Jerry Reed may have turned his head and yipped, "Son!" But thanks for applying.


  1. Hell yes Self Portrait is underrated. Thank you for being brave enough to say it.

    But as for Bubba- damn! Those are the funkiest fiddles I've ever heard!

  2. The Self Portrait haters just need to listen to album opener "All the Tired Horses." That should be sign enough to know this record will be of a different cut.