Thursday, April 30, 2009

There's Millions in the Ground

Artist: Gene Clark

Album: Two Sides to Every Story

Song: "Give My Love to Marie"

"Give My Love to Marie" isn't an exact rewrite of Johnny Cash's "Give My Love to Rose," but they are two songs cut from the same thematic cloth: hearing a dying man's last wish. James Talley's original performance didn't catch my ear when I first played it off his Tryin' Like the Devil album. Fortunately Gene Clark rescued the song and made it a genuine revelation. Whereas Talley gives his lyrics a straight-faced reading, Clark imbues the sparse words with the necessary specter of dread.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Never Again Can I Go Home

Artist: Robert David

Album: Robert David

Song: "Manitoba Sun"

Looking like a suave Chuck Negron doppelgänger, Robert David filled his self-titled album with plenty of by-the-numbers California soft rock. So when one of the songs is set in Manitoba of all places, eyebrows are raised. Don't go expecting bikini-wearing babes on the shores of Lake Winnipeg though. The protagonist of "Manitoba Sun" is Canada bound at Christmastime. Turns out there is a compelling reason.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yesterday's Songs Today

Corduroy Mountain will be a depository for some interesting songs I've heard on unknown, ignored, or forgotten albums. Most of the records were found in either 99¢ racks or "miscellaneous letter" bins. Ripped direct from the original vinyl. Please consider any pops or hiss part of the authentic listening experience. 

There are two ways to enjoy the songs. Either use the embedded player or click on the song title to download.