Monday, January 25, 2010

Pushin' That Diesel Since Early Dawn

Artist: Bud Brewer
Album: Big Bertha, the Truck Driving Queen
Song: "Caffein, Nicotine, Benzedrine (and Wish Me Luck)"

Corduroy Mountain is overdue for
another truck-driving song, so let's turn to Mr. Bud Brewer and this ode to one long hauler's favorite passengers. Notice the energetic pedal steel seems to personify the frantic pump of an overworked heart, and the sawing fiddles imply the motion of a forearm wiping a torrent of sweat from the brow. Please forgive the misspelling in the song title; your spell checker would be fried too with a highway diet consisting of such a copious amount of stimulants. Listen to his story and wish the man good luck. Sounds like he needs it.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! He sounds like a cross between Paycheck and Little Jimmy Dickens. The fiddles made me feel like I'd dropped my box of whiteys all over the truck cab. I was there. Bravo, Bud!