Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tried to Hide My Fear

Artist: Charlie Brown

Album: Up From Georgia

Song: "Ain't Gonna Stay"

Consider this galloping Charlie Brown rocker the soundtrack to a deleted scene from an early '70s Burt Reynolds movie. Something like White Lightning, where Gator McKlusky careens through dirt back roads in a souped-up sedan. Mason jars full of precious moonshine clink in wooden crates while plumes of dust burst in the air. The local fuzzdastards allfollow in hot pursuit, but ol' Gator can only look over his shoulder and grin, wiping the afternoon sweat from his tanned brow.


  1. Thanks! Any more from Up from Georgia? Impossible to find!

  2. Sorry, friend. I no longer have the Charlie Brown record in my collection. You're going to have to savor this lone song.